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What's your favorite Joystiq T-shirt design?

Justin McElroy

We've painstakingly compiled a gallery of all 118 entrants in our Joystiq T-shirt design contest. Now, this is where you come in: We need your feedback on the entries! You'll see the number of each design in the gallery (make sure you click through the whole thing). Just comment below with that number and a brief bit about why it's your favorite. Why does it make your heart thrum with passion? Why does it fill your blood with desire?

This isn't really a vote, but how you guys and girls feel about the designs is going to be a huge factor in which winner we select. And since the victor will not only enter the annals of Joystiq history, but also win a game console with five games, there's a lot on the line.

Note: We didn't want to bias you by making them too prominent, but if you check the file name on any image, you'll be able to find out the artist's name. Thanks so much to everyone that entered. We don't think we're overstating our point by saying we were honestly moved by some of the love put into these images.

Gallery: Joystiq T-Shirt Design contest | 118 Photos

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