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Frontier's stalled 'The Outsider' project seen in action [update: now with more footage!]


Frontier Developments may have put the kibosh on continued development of its open-world action title, The Outsider, but that doesn't mean footage of the game isn't out there. Ex-Frontier sound engineer Kyle Nichol wrangled some of that footage and posted it up on his portfolio site, showcasing the first bit of in-game action that we've seen from the stalled project.

The Outsider seems to take a few cues from Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series -- especially the latest entry in that franchise -- though the clip only offers a few brief glimpses of actual gameplay, unfortunately. However, this may not be the last we see on The Outsider, as the developer specifically noted earlier this year that the project was down, but not out.

"There is still publisher interest in the project and we haven't canceled it," studio head David Braben explained at the time. It appears support will have to come from outside Codemasters and EA, with whom discussions fell through some time ago.

Update: We added a second video of the game in action after the break, found on Alistair Lindsay's portfolio page. He was the former "Head of Audio" at Frontier Developments, ending in April of this year.

Update 2: The original video has been removed it seems, but a third video has now been added (via Alistair Lindsay's portfolio page) which shows yet more gameplay. We've replaced the above video (which has been taken down) with the second video from Mr. Lindsay.

[Thanks, Daniel.]

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