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Breakfast Topic: Holy moly, can you believe we forgot the Harvest Festival?

Oh my god, you guys. We here at WoW Insider totally dropped the ball -- the exciting Harvest Festival started two days ago, and we didn't say a word about it! Don't worry, though. It's a week-long event, and you have until Sept. 13 to get in on all the fun!

And what fun is that, you may ask? Well, this year's Harvest Festival is going to be better than all past Harvest Festivals combined. It's got a plus-sized roller coaster for some of our more obese thrill-seekers, Larry Bird's 84-year-old Aunt Tilda, an all-organic corn maze, not three but four hospitality kiosks, famed little horse Li'l Sebastian, and ...

Oh wait, wrong Harvest Festival. This is the one in Azeroth with absolutely no achievements associated with it. The one, where, according to our own Daniel Whitcomb:

Yeah, it's a small holiday, and a weird one at that. I mean, you either honor Uther, who was a jerk to Tirion Fordring, ineffective against the Scourge and was betrayed and killed by his protege, or Grom, who betrayed the Orcish race to the Burning Legion at least twice, and whose clan is still one of the major sources of strife and bad Horde-Alliance relations on Azeroth today.

So, uh, yeah. How are you celebrating the Harvest Festival? Are you doing the one single quest associated with the holiday? And how will you ever be able to stand the 51-week wait until Harvest Festival 2012 once this one is over?

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