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Latest Infamous 2 update adds more options, more bosses to UGC

If you're still getting your hands dirty in the extensive suite of user-generated content tools which Sucker Punch afforded to purchasers of Infamous 2, you've got another thing coming, buster. Well, a bunch of other things -- an update launched today unlocks the Titan and the Devourer (the two big minibosses from the game's campaign) for use in the mission creator. Why not tweak their settings to make them best friends? That's a thing you can probably do.

Other additions in the update include an option to link your homemade levels together, and a peer review system for UGC missions -- which should help separate some of the wheat from the chaff while you're electrically sailing through New Marais. Check out Sucker Punch's site for more details on the patch!

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