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Planet War celebrates new server with prize giveaways


YooGames' Planet War is rapidly expanding on all fronts, doubling its servers from one to two today. The addition of the newest server, Knight, is an indication that this browser-based space strategy title is gaining an audience.

To celebrate Knight's opening, YooGames is launching a series of events for those brave (or foolhardy) enough to venture into the dangerous void of space looking for wealth and glory. Anyone who rolls on Knight will automatically be granted a VIP code, which can be turned in for a prize pack. There are additional rewards for players who are the first in the doors, who purchase gold for the first time on the server, who buy over 1,000 gold, and who get their heavy workshop tech up to level 5.

It's not just about the solo player, either; YooGames is also looking to reward the 10 best legions that prove their worth on the Knight server. Currently, Planet War is in open beta and is free-to-play for all.

[Source: YooGames press release]

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