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You could sing the Assassin's Creed: Revelations theme (seriously)


Upon hearing about Ubisoft's singing contest for this November's Assassin's Creed: Revelations launch, we've been furiously putting ink to paper in an effort to cage all of our wild lyrical genius. Apparently, that is all for naught, as the contest doesn't actually seek lyrics to go with our symphonic collective voice, but rather one especially melodious vocalist for non-lyrical singing. Rats!

AC: R composer Lorne Balfe and general composer dude Hans Zimmer explain the contest in the video. They are looking for folks to put vocals to the game's theme song (available here), and to then get on Facebook for some Marketing 2.0. After reaching the top 20 "Liked" versions of the theme on Facebook, you'll enter the second round, where a handful of musicians (including Zimmer and Balfe, among others) will pick the creme de la creme. Finally, if you're chosen, you get to record your version of the theme, get credits in the game and the soundtrack, and you'll be "awarded" a prize of $1,000. The only question we have now is this: How much would it cost to pay a professional vocalist to record the theme?

Regardless, potential entrants have until 8:00PM PST on September 19 to enter, giving you just under two weeks to get crackin'. So, uh, get crackin'!

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