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Zite adds NFL category to bring you personalized football news

Mel Martin

You might have, ahem, noticed, it's football season. Users of the free personal news app Zite now can add their favorite teams and Zite will deliver personalized pigskin stories.

Zite is my favorite iPad news discovery app, and this NFL category is going to be just what rabid football fans want. The more stories you look at, the more Zite will know about your interests, and in a short time you'll be getting all the football news you want personalized with your interests in a team, players, or even fantasy league information.

Because Zite searches in places you'll likely never see, the stories will likely be ones you might not have seen just crawling around the web on your own.

If you are using Zite now, you'll get a notice on the front page to add the football category and from there you can add as many teams as you want to follow.

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