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3DS sales up 260 percent after price cut

Justin McElroy

We mentioned yesterday that, according to the NPD, the 3DS had sold 185,000 units between its August 12 price cut and month's end. But here's a little added perspective: Nintendo says that number is a 260 percent increase over the comparable time period in July. That means that between July 12 and 30 (the end of NPD's "July" sales period), just around 71,150 3DS systems left store shelves.

Now, it's not a perfect comparison obviously, just but just to give you some idea of how bad that actually is, here are a few other Julys and 2/3 of their total DS sales for the month.

  • July 2010 - 226K
  • July 2009 - 355K
  • July 2008 - 401K
  • July 2007 - 267K
185,000 is still a good bit lower than the 226,000 DS units Nintendo sold in 2/3 of August 2010, but at least things are moving in the right direction.

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