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Apple adds iPad purchasing wizard to online store


Earlier we reported that the Apple Store was down in the U.S. and the U.K (at least). A few hours later, the store came back online. At first, we didn't notice any changes, but in fact, Apple has introduced an iPad purchasing wizard.

The wizard breaks down the process of choosing the spec of the iPad you'd like to buy into three very simple steps. First, choose the color of your iPad. Second, choose how much storage you'd like your iPad to have and finally, select either a Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi plus 3G model. If you choose a 3G model, you'll be taken to an additional step, which offers a choice of carrier.

Though the previous method wasn't exactly complicated, the new wizard certainly does make it much simpler to select what specifications you'd like, and change them with ease if you change your mind.

The new shopping wizard only seems to apply to the iPad. The online purchasing process for Macs, iPhones and everything else is unchanged.

[Via The Next Web]

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