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March into the Gap of Rohan with LotRO's latest dev diary


Horses thunder, horns blow, and the forces of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth ride out to meet the Enemy on its own turf. It's in the Gap of Rohan, one of the newest areas featured in the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard, where players will finally encounter the Rohirrim proper.

Turbine is excited to introduce this long-awaited nation of horse-riders to the game, and in a new developer diary, an overview of this infamous region is given. While the Gap may not be large in size, it is critical to both armies to control, as it commands one of the best crossings of the river Isen.

The developers also share some behind-the-scenes info about the "tricks" used to simulate large armies fighting alongside player characters -- all while still running on your average computer. We have several new action screenshots of combat in the Gap of Rohan for you below, and the full dev diary can be watched after the jump!

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