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Mystery Move game in development, courtesy of Plastic and Sony Santa Monica


Sony Santa Monica, makers of the God of War series, and Plastic, a Polish demoscene group, are collaborating on a mysterious Move title that features a floating hand getting touchy-feely with statues and trees in a fog-filled forest. The above video shows the hand reverently touching its surroundings, and at the 1:07 mark presents a Move controller in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

NeoGAF's Toppot pointed out the connection to Linger in Shadows developer Plastic, who responded with a teasing affirmative: "We all at Plastic admire the speed and style of NeoGAF member Toppot, who managed to combine the hints and classify us as a developer of next Santa Monica Studio production." The developer hinted that it was "planting the seeds now" for the title, and "encouraged" fans to discover it.

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