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New RIFT Ascend-a-Friend commercial offers players strong incentives

Eliot Lefebvre

Do you play RIFT? Are you familiar with the Ascend-a-Friend promotion? Of course you are; it's not uncommon for MMOs to offer rewards for recruiting new players after all, and RIFT's program's main advantage is that it's lucky enough to have a clever rhyming scheme. But perhaps you're not convinced that you should be worried about the ascension of your friends or lack thereof. Trion Worlds is taking a big step toward rectifying this with its latest commercial.

What's in the commercial? Well, we'd rather not say. But you can trust us when we say that it's a short watch that should prove quite convincing -- not only in displaying the rewards you get for recruiting your friends, but in convincing you of the inherent desirability of these rewards. So jump on past the cut to watch the commercial, and you may very well want to watch it even if you're not currently playing RIFT.

[Thanks to Joemamma for the tip!]

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