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You decide what goes in the Borderlands 2 collector's edition; also, a survey


Gearbox is all ears (and other limbs, internal organs and appendages -- they're not freaks) for the contents of the Borderlands 2 collector's edition, asking for creative fan suggestions to fill out its packaging. Post your collector's edition dreams in the official forum, or right here, as Gearbox has promised to read our own thread as well.

Gearbox also has a short survey for Borderlands players to fill out, asking questions about which aspects of the game were most important and why, ending with an open-ended suggestion box. For those low on free-form comment juices, feel free to copy this one with the appropriate words inserted:

"Borderlands was a(n) (adjective) game with (adjective) art style and (adjective) gameplay mechanics. (Don't) change anything in that regard for Borderlands 2. The storyline could be (more/less) cohesive in the sequel and the AI could (not) be improved. Also, more lasers."

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