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Breakfast Topic: Remember that one guy who ...?


This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

That One Guy. Every social group has at least one.

You know the guy. He's that chatty, insufferable goofball who constantly gets himself into trouble just to get a smile out of you. Or maybe he's that quiet fellow in the corner, shooting a warm smile in your direction, ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Maybe he's both chatty and shy. No matter what flavor he comes in, rarely is any day complete without hearing at least once from this special breed of friend.

In a guild setting, he's That One Guy who greets you in guild chat when you first log in for the day. Some days, he's quiet and tosses a genuine "Grats!" your way whenever you ding a level or squeeze out an achievement. Other days, he's the one who spouts out random things in an effort to get a conversation going. His antics might have even earned him an affectionate nickname from your guildmates. In a raid, his tanking isn't all that great, he can't heal for beans, and (oh, God help you) his DPS is for the birds. ... but where he lacks in skill and raw oomph, he brings in morale. Morale in spades. He's always raring to go, and he's open to learning everything to help improve your chances of winning. He's that one optimistic guy who will go to great lengths to keep your hearts soaring wipe after wipe, and he's perhaps the very reason why you even had the gumption to put that boss on farm for good.

So shout-out to that lovable scamp that completes your WoW time! What does he do to add a little light and happiness to dreary Azeroth for you? Any fond memories of That One Guy you'd like to share?

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