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Crash Bandicoot creator ruminates on the old days

Justin McElroy

Don't be surprised if you see America's Favorite Marsupial (after Kangaroo Jack) tooling around on the highways and byways of this great land. That's right: Crash Bandicoot is old enough to get his learner's permit.

To mark the big guy's 15th birthday, co-creator Andy Gavin took to his blog to share some memories of Crash's early days, naked baby photos, as it were. Our personal favorite is Gavin's story of trying to conduct an intensely technical conversation with Ken Kutaragi while (1) "pretty drunk" and (2) shouting over ear-splittingly loud music. It's a lot of fun, as are some of the Crash-centric memories readers have posted in the comments.

... And hey, while we're thinking about it, if you should happen to see Crash Bandicoot driving around, you should be wicked surprised, contrary to our intro. He's not only fictional, he's a bandicoot. It's an extremely unsafe situation that should probably reported to local law enforcement. Sorry for being so irresponsible.

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