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Around Azeroth: Dear hearts and gentle people

It's nice to celebrate the rare occasion when people in this game aren't being horrible to each other, isn't it? Iero of Blue Recluse on Draenor (US-A) writes in with the following inspirational story:

The screenshot I am submitting is not a picture of an odd graphical quirk or the result of perfect timing hitting the print screen button. Rather, this screenshot is an awesome display of people who do not all know each other but all share a common hobby in playing WoW, coming together for a cause.

In 2005, my partner Caralynn lost her mother to ovarian cancer. I stood in the room with her, holding her while her mother lost her battle. Since that moment, Cara has been wanting to do something in honor of her mother, something to raise awareness about this form of cancer and get the message to other people. About a month ago, Cara had seen something that had reminded her of her mother. She began talking about wanting to do something to honor her mother. I had an idea. I ran over to the tabard vendor in Stormwind. I started looking through the various tabard colors, and then I found it: teal. Teal is the color of ovarian cancer awareness. I thought, "What if for a day, we changed our guild tabard color to teal? What if we got our friends to join in too?" I ran the idea by Cara. It would be something to honor the memory of her mother and to raise awareness. She liked the idea very much. Then we thought, maybe this could be bigger. Our server has a Facebook group. Cara posted the idea on the page and on the forums. We got quite a few responses. One of our guildmates, Renewyou, got the word out to even more people. She posted on other gaming websites and talked to other friends from other servers. We received responses from many people we've never met but were supporting this idea and changing their guild tabards. Our little project was growing.

Cara decided on a day for everyone wanting to participate to change their guild tabards and take screen shot. September 8th was the perfect day. It was her mother's birthday. Even more perfect, September is ovarian cancer awareness month. Most of us participating on Draenor met on Lordamere Lake in Silverpine. Cara cried when she saw the group waiting on the water there. They had all changed their guild tabards. We began trying to make a ribbon for the screen shot. We had almost completed it when we saw a few Horde flying about. Cara cried again when she saw they had changed their tabards too. After a quick change to a Horde alt by Totentanz of Blackwatch of Azeroth to fill in the newcomers on the plan, we had a teal ribbon made of Horde and Alliance, of friends and strangers, of people who came together for this great cause. It was the most touching experience I've ever been a part of in this game.

I would like to thank everyone that participated. I don't remeber all the names but I do remember some of the guilds: Blue Recluse, Blackwatch of Azeroth, Forsaken Dreams, Solitares, Ifudayre, Caustic, Psychosis, Fallen Kings of Exile (who were raiding when we took the screenshot but changed their guild tabards and took screenshots while in Firelands), Tempest of Runetotem (US-H) and The Hand of Mograine on Argent Dawn (EU-H). I know I had to have missed some guilds and names either by not remembering them all or because I didn't know they had participated, but to anyone who honored this idea, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You made this night very special.

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