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Dragon Quest 10 has been in development for over six years now


Back in April, Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest 10 was "almost done," and then last week, we finally heard about the game itself, due out next year in Japan, via a reveal announcement. But if you thought that was fast, not so -- apparently the title's been worked on for over six years already.

That makes the whole venture a little more interesting. Today, console MMOs and persistent Internet connections are fairly prevalent, but six years ago, that obviously wasn't the case. And this also means that DQ10 ran alongside development of Dragon Quest 9, with Level 5 and Square Enix presumably working on the portable title and the online game at the same time.

We'll have to see how the final game turns out -- fans are skeptical, to say the least, of turning the series into an MMO. But at least we know the game wasn't thrown together overnight.

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