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LG solves iPad display quality issue, shipments resume


Display manufacturer LG was reportedly struggling to meet production targets for Apple's iPad 2 LCD due to quality issues (particularly a "light leak" issue noted in early models). According to a report from DigiTimes, LG has solved those issues and is back to cranking out displays for Apple as fast as it can make them.

LG reportedly built 4 million displays for the iPad 2 in August, and it's expected to build another 4 million this month. Considering that iPads don't usually hang around on shelves for too long, the implications for Apple's quarterly iPad sales are pretty staggering. If Apple is really selling 4 million of these things every month, that puts the iPad on a very rapid track to being the best-selling consumer electronics device of all time.

According to DigiTimes's source, "Apple's iPad 2 shipments are expected to reach 12-15 million units in third-quarter 2011, which will benefit its suppliers." No doubt it will be a benefit to Apple too.

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