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PSA: Gamestop now accepting iOS device trade-ins

Are you just lousy with iPhone and iPads, but light on Maddens and Deus Exes? There's a handy way to convert your supplies of the former into the latter: One week after first revealing the initiative, Gamestop is now allowing trade-ins of iOS devices for store credit. In a statement released this morning (at the same time as their Android tablet's announcement), the company announced that its brick-and-mortar locations are now turning your iPods, iPhones and iPads into cold, hard store credit.

The amount of credit you'll get for each device varies based on which service provider you're attached to, as well as its hard drive capacity and model. The announcement menions that the credit you'll earn is "significantly higher" than the norm -- an AT&T 3G 32GB iPad 2, for instance, is worth $300 in Gamestop-bucks. Why, that's probably, like, 100 times the going rate for a mint copy of Tak and the Power of Juju!

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