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Some NCAA Football 12 features reportedly broken by patch

Justin McElroy

According to plenty of angry forum posts from players of NCAA Football 12, a recent patch for the game has broken or hampered several key features including no-huddle play calling, custom playbooks and, most rampantly, the Dynasty Mode. Apparently, players on both the 360 and PS3 have received frequent "Transfer Failed" errors when attempting to upload the results of games in the online mode.

A company staffer going by the name of EA_Jaga on the EA forums informed players that the error had been fixed, but the dozen or so posts right after from users still getting the "Transfer Failed" error indicates otherwise.

We've reached out to EA for some sort of timetable on a fix. We'll let you know what we hear.

[Update: EA tells us that the custom playbook issue was fixed by the recently released Title Update 2. The other issues are still under investigation.]

[Thanks, Russel]

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