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Undead Labs learns the psychology of the apocalypse at Burning Man

Shawn Schuster

In a recent dev diary, Undead Labs' Gronk gives us a first-hand perspective on a trip he made to the Nevada desert for Burning Man. Why is a vacation travel log news for MMO fans? Well, mostly because the experience was written up with post-apocalyptic survival in mind -- a topic that Undead Labs will be tackling in its upcoming zombie MMO.

"At Burning Man, real-world currency is largely useless... much like it would be after a societal collapse," Gronk writes. "Would you want to trade the food you need to survive for some green paper? I sure wouldn't."

Reading a personal experience like this leads us to believe that the Undead Labs zombie MMO will have a heart -- a rotting, putrid, maggot-infested heart -- but still, a heart.

[Photo Credit: Wacky Archives]

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