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City of Heroes tackles the hard questions about rocket boards

Eliot Lefebvre

As long as people have been around, we've realized that transportation was possible by our own two feet, but it would be vastly improved if we were standing on a moving board. This has led directly to the creation of boards to move across the sea, the land, and large snow-covered mountains. Sadly, the rocket board designed to let us fly through the air has remained firmly in the realm of fiction... but for City of Heroes, this hypothetical board of the future is right there to ensure that you can look totally cool while taking to the sky.

So how did rocket boards come about, and why did they take so long to get in the game? The latest installment of the Intrepid Informer features Colin Brown discussing what it took to put the idea into practice. As he puts it, the major issue from the art side was a simple technical limitation, since it required a theoretical new set of animations for seven years worth of powers. But the hurdles were overcome, and now players can move through the air in the way humans move through things best -- standing on a board.

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