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A plague of frogs: Eden Eternal releases the Anuran race


Frogs may not seem like the best choice for rough-and-tough warriors, but they're great candidates when you think about it. They fight both on land and in water, they can use their freakishly long tongues to disarm the enemy, and they've got a bellyful of flies. That'd put anyone in a foul, fightin' mood.

So we applaud Eden Eternal, which today released an update that includes the latest race to the game, the froggy Anurans. The content patch for this fresh-faced MMO also includes racial crafting, with the Humans specializing in Gemcrafting, the Anuran in Alchemy, and the Zumi in Engineering. Crafters will be able to sell their wares at new player shops in Aven once the players hit level 20.

We posted a trailer to this patch two days ago, so if you haven't already, hop right on over and gobble it up!

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