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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded gets special Move bundle for PS3

If you didn't buy all the PlayStation Move hardware yesterday thanks to GameStop's 50% off sale, you might be interested in Activision's special Move-only GoldenEye 007: Reloaded bundle, called the "Double 'O' Edition."

The first 'O' is surely the game, which has unsurprisingly remapped the original Wii controls to the Move. That means the second 'O' must be referring to the bundled hardware, which includes a Move motion controller, the navigation controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, and the SharpShooter peripheral. But there's also a PS3-exclusive downloadable character, Moonraker's Hugo Drax ... is that a third 'O'?

There's no word on price, but we're going to guess it matches Resistance 3's very similar Doomsday bundle at $150. Depending on your income, that could certainly elicit yet another 'O.'

You can find any other missing 'O's on November 1, when both the regular edition and the Double 'O' Edition shake up your local supervillain's subterranean shopping fortress.

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