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Survey shows Steve Jobs' absence not deterring Apple's customers


A ChangeWave survey suggests Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple will have little impact on the future sales of Apple hardware. Between September 6 and 12, ChangeWave surveyed 2,297 respondents and found that only 4% of people would be less likely to buy Apple products now that Jobs is gone. 89% said Jobs' resignation will have little to no effect on their future purchasing decisions.

These results are not surprising at this point.The iPhone and iPad are market leaders and the rest of Apple's product lineup is robust. And it's not like Jobs has completely left the company, he is still actively involved in Apple as Chairman of the Board.

It's a change for Apple, but not the end of Apple. As Jobs wrote in his resignation letter, "Apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it."

[Via CNet]

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