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Taito is making its own iPad arcade cabinet


First ThinkGeek's iCade went from joke concept to real product, then Atari introduced its own iPad gaming controller. Now Taito, maker of legendary video game Space Invaders, is joining the fray with the InvaderCade. GameSetWatch reports the cabinet has only a single button and a ball-top joystick for controls, but the InvaderCade also serves as a charging dock with stereo speakers and a headphone jack.

The InvaderCade is coming to Japan on October 11 -- no word on a US release as of yet -- and its launch price in Japan will be around US$205. It'll be interesting to see if the InvaderCade actually catches on at that price and with single-game branding on the cabinet itself. The iCade costs less than half as much as the InvaderCade, while Atari's joystick accessory is cheaper still at $60. Both products feature more buttons and less specific branding than the InvaderCade, so Taito may have trouble justifying the product's higher price.

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