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The Diablo 3 'Skill Calculator' lets you roll your class, sans Diablo 3

With not so much as an official release window from Blizzard, fans have learned to be patient when it comes to all things Diablo 3. That's why the availability of the game's "Skill Calculator" will likely be met with a disproportionate amount of interest. It's simple really: You go to the Skill Calculator page, select a class (get a refresher on the various classes here), choose six "active skills" and augment each with its own runestone, choose three passive skills.

When you're all done crafting what you consider to be Sanctuary's most powerful Wizard, you can copy that in the form of a link which you can bring back here and share with your peers (and by share, we mean rub their noses in it). By the time you're done rolling one for each class, maybe we'll have a date ... actually, we're not going to get your hopes up. But the complete and total absence of a date shouldn't keep you from playing make-believe with the Skill Calculator. Look, a Wizard!

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