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Apple Experience Center at Peking University riles students


Apple has constructed a promotional study center at Peking University, dubbed the Apple Experience Center. It's nice, with a glass enclosure and many Macs. Unfortunately for Apple, several university students are not happy about it.

The center occupies a third-floor, former study area in the school's main library of about 430 square feet. Students will be able to use a variety of Apple goodies and order some of their own at a discount. It's a combination of academics and consumerism that's familiar to American university students, but has some Chinese students concerned.

"It's totally against the spirit and environment of the library," said one student. "Apple should have discounts or give-back activities if they want self-promotion, other than introducing this commercial thing into a sacred place like this."

Others fear that the draw of new Apple hardware will further crowd the library, where study space is already scarce.

If you're a student at Peking University, let us know what you think of the Apple Experience Center.

[Via LA Times]

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