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Caravan security missions marching to Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

The list of features being added to Final Fantasy XIV in patch 1.19 just keeps growing. Not only will players be able to ride on the back of a chocobo, but a new set of missions for caravan defense will let players beat marauding fiends away from those selfsame yellow birds. And there are even Grand Company seals to be obtained in the exchange, which just sweetens the deal for players investing time and effort into the system.

Each of the Grand Companies will have a different caravan to protect and will enlist the aid of full members in ensuring the caravan's safety during its march from an aetheryte camp to one of the nearby hamlets. Monsters will attack the caravan in turn, sometimes driving off birds and sometimes outright damaging the cargo, and it will be up to players to feed, calm, and protect the chocobos laden with supplies. Once the caravan arrives at its destination, players will receive seals based on how much cargo actually made it to its objective -- a chance to earn more currency and get some nice experience out of the event.

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