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Clone Wars Adventures announces eight million users, upcoming content


The other day, we announced Clone Wars Adventures' one-year anniversary celebration. However, it seems more celebration is in order. According to a press release today, the game is also celebrating over eight million registered players.

On top of that, the press release gives us a sneak peek at upcoming content. The television series' fourth season will begin tomorrow, September 16th, and will focus on Mon Calamari, the home planet of everyone's favorite Admiral. As such, the game will feature content such as Mission on Iceberg 3, which presents a storyline that sets the stage for the TV Series. In addition, the game will be adding a minigame called Aquatic Assault, which puts players in the boots of the famous Nautolan Jedi Kit Fisto as he pilots his Diver Propulsion Vehicle against waves of Aqua Droids, Quarren, and Karkaradon.

The game's one-year anniversary celebration is going on now. To get in on the festivities, head on over to the game's official site and sign up.

[Source: SOE Press release]

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