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Guild Wars 2 Asura week continues with new video and web page

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Day four of Guild Wars 2's Asura Week brings the thing that many fans look forward to the most: a new video and the official web page for the race.

The web page gives a rundown of the Asura race's history (which can be seen firsthand in the current Guild Wars game) as well as information on the ups and downs of being an Asura in Guild Wars 2. As with the other four races, there is plenty to enjoy and be proud of, but not everything is perfect. Threats from around the land of Tyria -- such as the elder dragons -- are an ongoing worry, but internal politics, individual agendas, and personal rivalries also contribute danger from within.

Chief among those is the Inquest: "The greatest danger to the Asura is, to no one's surprise, other Asura. Putting aside the sometimes dramatic, even explosive, nature of their experiments, a group of Asura have banded together to form their own meta-krewe. Known as the Inquest, these Asura combine their resources into a larger organization and share their knowledge among their own members - never with those outside the Inquest."

The icing on the cake is the video -- a detailed view of Rata Sum, the greatest of Asura cities. Follow along after the jump for a look at the video, and check out all the latest information on the race at Guild Wars 2's new Asura page.

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