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NintendoWare Weekly: MotoHeroz, Mega Man


RedLynx flips out onto WiiWare with its long-awaited party stunt game, MotoHeroz. It's the sole WiiWare release for the week, and the anchor of a week that is similarly light across all Nintendo platforms.

The single eShop release is also pretty cool: Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge. We've been waiting for another chance to buy this, ever since the GBA collection was canceled years ago.


  • MotoHeroz (RedLynx, 1-4 players, 1,500 Wii Points): Wacky side-scrolling stunts in cartoon trucks!
3DS eShop DSiWare
  • Bridge (Cosmigo, 1 player, $4.99/500 DSi Points): The card game, not the structure.
  • Defense of the Middle Kingdom (Aksys Games, 1 player, $4.99/500 DSi Points): Place soldiers to defend your territory against lines of incoming enemy soldiers.

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