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We get up close and personal with the Nintendo 3DS Slidepad attachment


As per usual, Nintendo's skipping out on the Tokyo Game Show, despite being kind of a big deal in Japan. But that doesn't mean that the Slidepad -- the 3DS' bizarro circle pad attachment -- is skipping the show as well. Capcom had Slidepads equipped on two Nintendo 3DS units at its TGS booth, and we headed over promptly this afternoon to check it out.

Here's the skinny: it's another circle pad on a 3DS. Shocking? Not exactly, but the circle pad attachment feels fine, if a bit bulky. For reasons unknown, Capcom wasn't allowing TGS attendees to use the Slidepad with any games, so we can't say for sure how it'll change gameplay. That said, the circle pad itself is identical to the already existing circle pad on the left side of the 3DS. More interestingly, the attachment also adds triggers and bolsters already existing shoulder buttons, giving the entire console more of an actual controller feel.

No doubt about it, the Slidepad is bulky and, for sure, kind of silly looking, but it also makes the portable feel more substantial in terms of control. We'll reserve our final judgment until we can spend some real time with the attachment in the coming months. That is, if it even heads to North American markets -- the Slidepad is currently slated for a December 10 launch in Japan.

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