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Dear Aunt TUAW: I just bought an app and then won it


Dear Aunt TUAW,

The good news: I just received an (legit) email saying I won a license for Sparrow!

The bad news: I paid for it LITERALLY 15 minutes ago.

I'm not about to ask for a refund. Oh well. I hope the developer does something great with his cut of my ten bucks.


Your loving nephew,


Dear Dave,

If Sparrow was worth supporting before winning a copy, then it was worth supporting after. Don't think about this as having picked up an extra tangible good that you didn't need. Think about it as voting for the app's continued development.

It's seldom considered, but software developers cannot live on rainbows, hugs, and unicorn tears. Money creates the infrastructure that builds the apps you love. Without cash, there can't be software.

By purchasing the app, you're going to help place your vote for keeping it going in the long term -- even if you missed out on a "deal."


Auntie T.

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