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Samsung files patent claims against Apple in Australia


The Apple/Samsung patent war continues. This week the latest battleground is back in Australia where Samsung has filed a new claim saying Apple's iPhone and iPad infringe upon its Australian patents. In an email to Bloomberg Samsung said that it filed the claim with the Federal Court of Australia. Specifically, Samsung alleges that both the iPhone and iPad violate its patents on wireless communications standards.

The Apple/Samsung litigation has become almost comical in its scope. The two companies are locked in litigation on four continents. Even when they aren't fighting about patent violations, they're fighting about advertising. Many in the industry and legal profession see this battle raging on for at least another year until the various courts around the world can rule on it. However, some also think that it would be in Apple's and Samsung's (mostly Samsung's) best interest to come to a settlement that ends the litigation on all continents. Who knows if that will happen, but until then it's a great time to be a patent lawyer.

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