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Troy Online opens new battlefield, announces another big update

Jef Reahard

Significant changes are coming to Troy Online over the next few weeks, and a new press release from ALT1Games has the details. A "big scale update will include a balance optimization [...] and new content for higher level users on October 13th," according to the news blurb.

Prior to that, a new battlefield will open up and bring with it a number of tweaks relative to the existing battlefields. First and foremost, any player of any level can participate. The victors will receive a reward buff that affects their entire faction; conquering the battlefield involves holding the capture point for five minutes if you're on the attacking team. The defenders, on the other hand, have to stand their ground for 20 minutes.

ALT1 remains mum on the new October content for now, but the battlefield updates went live yesterday. We'll keep you updated with fresh information as it's released.

[Source: ALT1Games press release]

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