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Image credit: now carrying Star Control 3, Tex Murphy on sale

Save has released Star Control 3 on the digital distribution service -- the sequel to the Toys for Bob strategy classics isn't quite as well-remembered as the other games in the series, but completists who want to finish off the story of the Precursors can pick up the title for $5.99. If you want some quality 4X space gaming, Master of Orion 1 and 2 are available for the same price -- just sayin'.

And speaking of negotiating with aliens in old-school games, all of the Tex Murphy titles are also on sale this weekend, from the original games up to 1998's Tex Murphy: Overseer (which itself is actually a retelling of the first story in the series). If you're up for some interactive mystery in a sci-fi setting, GOG's got you covered.

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