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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is missing out

Jordan Mallory

You know, in this modern day and age, it seems like most cultural boundaries have been torn down, and that the majority of the games that get released here in the states also get released in Japan, and vice versa. Sure, in the eighties and nineties most people were unfamiliar with a lot of Japanese concepts and storytelling archetypes, but things are different now, right? Right?

Wrong. Nothing says "We don't think you're ready for this jelly, America" more than the Tokyo Game Show, which has completely enveloped our site, as well as the rest of the gaming blogosphere. Over the last couple of days, our intrepid away team has documented huge piles of awesome stuff you'll never, ever have the opportunity to buy, as well as joys you'll never be able to experience. Let's face it: We're missing out. Big time.

As you scour your heart for meaning, join our childish pout-fest by reading our seven favorite comics from last week, and don't forget to vote after the break!

The New Girl (Mud County Rodeo)
Sun's Song (Part 2) (Brawl in the Family)
Work Ethics (Penny Arcade)
Game Stars (Virtual Shackles)
Of Trees and Fantasies (Nerf Now!!)
Dime Heals All Wounds (Awkward Zombie)
The Latest Fashion (Life in Aggro)


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