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You must download The Gunstringer's soundtrack

Jordan Mallory

Look, we don't like giving ultimatums and we know you don't like hearing them, but we can't be friends anymore if you don't download The Gunstringer's phenomenal soundtrack. Aren't you into indie music? Don't you like feeling joy?

Straight up, Matt Cheney's spaghetti-samurai score is a bone-chilling, tonally perfect masterclass in atmospheric storytelling through composition, and you'd be doing yourself a criminally negligent disservice by skipping it. So much so, that we couldn't stand to be around you, knowing what a hollow shell your life had become.

It's also entirely free, and at fewer than 100 megs, Twisted Pixel's fat pipes will have you swimmin' in tunes in no time. Hit the source link and click on the "Downloads" tab, and save our friendship.

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