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Gears of War 3 weapon and character videos leak all over YouTube, cure what ails

Jordan Mallory

Sure, Gears of War 3 may come out in a couple of days, but that knowledge alone isn't enough to quench the internet's insatiable thirst for juicy details. Information deprivation, when combined with insanely high levels of anticipation, can mutate into a virtually transmitted disease known colloquially as "Release Date Syndrome."

The cure for Gears of War 3's specific strain of RDS is available over the counter and can be found both above and after the break. The treatment is only effective when ingested ocularly, and cannot be swallowed, administered intravenously, or given as a suppository. Please keep in mind that this treatment program has not been approved by the FDA, and as such may be taken down at any time.

May cause increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, incoherent babbling and Release Date Syndrome.

[Thanks Juan!]

Weapon Skins (Menu):

All Locust Characters (Menu):

All COG Characters (Menu):

Blood Drive:

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