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Qantas testing iPad in-flight entertainment, still won't compare to flying Soul Plane


It's official: we're naming 2011 the "Year of In-Flight Entertainment." Starting next month, Qantas will join the throngs of airlines giving passengers more to chew on than honey-roasted nuts, with its Q Streaming experience. The system, which will supply one iPad per passenger, is set to run from the end of October through December and will eventually grow to include other WiFi-enabled devices. While Qantas is claiming "me first" bragging rights, saying it's the "first airline in the world to trial this wireless streaming product," we've definitely heard of similar in-flight entertainment systems stateside -- hello American Airlines. An unsurprisingly boastful press release awaits you after the break.

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Qantas customers first in the world to experience new inflight entertainment system
Sydney, 15 September 2011

In a world first, Qantas will next month trial the very latest technology in in-flight entertainment (IFE) on board a domestic aircraft.

Q Streaming will allow all customers travelling on a dedicated aircraft during the trial the ability to stream inflight entertainment content to individual tablets supplied by Qantas whilst inflight.

Customers travelling on the aircraft will also be able to watch Qantas's in-flight entertainment on their laptop computer, smartphone, tablet or other WIFI enabled device later on in the trial.

"We are very pleased to be the first airline in the world to trial this wireless streaming product." said Executive Manager Customer Experience Alison Webster.

The initial six week trial of the IFE product will be on board a B767-300 and will run from the end of October through to early December this year.

Following the trial, Qantas will assess opportunities for the application of Q Streaming across both the domestic and international fleet.

Q Streaming utilises cutting edge wireless technology that enables customers to connect to the Qantas on demand IFE system, with their WIFI devices, providing Qantas customers with a greater variety of choice from a wide range of content.

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