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Super Stickman Golf free on Android this Thursday, sans multiplayer (for now)

One of our absolute favorite iOS games here at Joystiq HQ is undoubtedly Super Stickman Golf. Our Android-owning ilk have long watched in envy as we battle each other in brutal, Bluetooth multiplayer when we're in meatspace and action-packed asynchronous leaderboards while in the digi-verse. So, for the Android users out there, we have good news and bad news.

First, the good news: Super Stickman Golf is coming to Android this Thursday for the not unreasonable price of $0.00. And unlike some of Android's most popular free games, Super Stickman Golf is ad-free. Developer Noodlecake Studios has added in microtransactions, founder Jordan Schidlowsky tells us. "You can purchase more 'powerups' mid round if you run out," he said.

While the Android release has "all the holes, hazards and heartbreak fans have come to expect from Super Stickman Golf" it is missing one major, massive feature: Multiplayer. When asked on Twitter if the Android release would support multiplayer, Schidlowsky replied, "Not at launch, but we're working on it." For the price, you're going to want to grab SSG regardless of that (hopefully temporary) shortcoming.

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