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Dragonica's New Origin expansion launches today

Jef Reahard

Today's a big day for Dragonica fans, as the two-year-old title is gearing up to launch its New Origin - Rise of the Drakan expansion this afternoon. A new press release from Gala Networks Europe tells us that the patch is the biggest in the game's history and includes a new race, new dungeons, new mounts, a fellowship party system, and a level cap increase.

As the title suggests, the new race is the Drakan, and it's unlocked once players reach level 20. There are two new Drakan classes, the Amazonian and the Shaman, and both of them are playable to the new level cap (80).

Once you've obtained your spiffy new Drakan warrior and explored the new Drakan town of Kareuza, you'll probably want to partake of the game's new dungeon system. Parties are now able to brave the depths of Dragonica's dungeons with eight players (up from the previous four), and the expansion introduces a couple of new instances in the form of the Akia Cave and Black Claw Nest. More info is available on the game's official website.

[Source: Gala Networks Europe press release]

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