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EA confirms closure of Visceral Melbourne, reaffirms support for Melbourne-based mobile studios

Following reports last Friday that EA shuttered its Visceral Melbourne studio, the International Game Developer's Association Melbourne tweeted on Sunday, "Confirmation of EA closing Visceral has been received :( our best wishes to the 21 devs now out of a job #EAVisceral." Electronic Arts has finally weighed in on the matter, telling MCV, "With no active project in development at that location, we've decided to close the Visceral Melbourne office. They are talented individuals and may find other roles elsewhere in EA, if they choose."

The EA rep added, "EA continues to maintain its mobile studios in Melbourne which are both thriving and hiring." Those studios include the recently acquired Firemint, makers of Flight Control and Real Racing, and Iron Monkey Studios, the team behind the excellent Dead Space for iOS and Xperia Play.

Of course, this follows just weeks after LA Noire developers Team Bondi entered administration, a month after THQ shuttered two Australian studios, and less than a year after Krome severely downsized. We'll pour a Foster's out for you, Australian game devs.

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