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Firefall players can have (and kill) in-game pets


The developers of the upcoming free-to-play FPS MMO Firefall have announced a new feature that's sure to make a couple of you squee: There will be in-game pets. Red 5 stopped by Shacknews last week to reveal that players will be able to summon little creatures that follow their avatars around in-game, and they'll also be able to kill the pets of enemies. How that will work isn't quite laid out yet, but CEO Mark Kern suggests that players will be able to buy special ammo that lets them fire on their enemies' little friends.

The shooter types among you may laugh, but part of the appeal of big MMOs like World of Warcraft is the cute little bits of customization that come along with building a big, colorful persistent avatar. And while pet combat doesn't sound like anything more than a little extra fun, we won't ever turn down a little extra fun. Pile it on, please.

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