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T-Mobile customers would be able to keep rate plans on AT&T after contract expires

Brad Molen

The post-merger AT&T&T world is a mysterious one. Nobody knows what it looks like or what the rules will be, and it's quite likely we won't know all of the answers until the acquisition has been completed -- if it makes it that far. However, at least another piece has been added to the puzzle for now; according to an internal employee FAQ sent in to TmoNews, any customer in love with their current rate plan will be allowed to grandfather it into AT&T's system and keep it after their contract expires. Curiously enough, it doesn't say anything about what will happen if you'd like to upgrade your phone, which could be a completely different story. At least this little chunk of news serves to soothe nervous souls concerned about being forced to a higher-priced plan, which may keep a lot of people from suddenly jumping ship.

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