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Uncharted novel arrives on Oct. 4, comic on Nov. 30


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Nothing says "high-octane thriller" quite like "novelization." Del Rey books will publish the first Uncharted novelization, titled "Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth," this October. If you're not so much for diving into a full book, a more bite-sized adventure for Nathan Drake arrives in comic book form starting November 30 from DC Comics.

Neither work will specifically play into the events of this winter's third Uncharted game for the PlayStation 3, rather seeking to tell side stories in the harrowing life of series protagonist Nathan Drake. It seems that the comic will potentially have Drake heading to a fictional city in the planet's core, while the book sends Drake to ... umm ... New York City. And Egypt and stuff. But, you know, not a city in the center of the planet.

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