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Win an Ultimate Comics Spider-Man character in Super Hero Squad Online


In Marvel's Ultimate Comics edition of Spider-Man, Peter Parker is dead and Miles Morales has stepped up to become the new friendly neighborhood webslinger. As with any reinvented superhero, you know a costume redesign is not far behind.

To mark this solemn-yet-cool occasion, Gazillion is giving Super Hero Squad Online players the opportunity to add Ultimate Comics Spider-Man to their rosters. The character comes with not only a sleek new look but special powers and emotes.

Unfortunately, there can only be 30 recipients of this limited-edition superhero. SHSO players are encouraged to enter in the code "MILES2011" on the official website for a chance to win one of these characters. The sweepstakes ends on the 28th, so sling your web fast and true if you want in on the fun!

[Source: Gazillion press release]

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