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Apple special event forecast for October 4


The sense of something coming soon grows stronger, as AllThingsD cites "sources close to the situation" saying that Apple's next media event will be held October 4. The hypothetical event, for which no invitations have yet been issued, would presumably be the venue where the next generation of the iPhone is announced to the world. Those same or similar sources also told ATD's John Paczkowski that the new phone would ship several weeks after the event.

As important as the iPhone announcement is to Apple's performance over the next year, the host of the event is equally important. ATD says, unsurprisingly, that Tim Cook will be presiding over the announcement presentation. The newly promoted CEO will have some big shoes to fill on the presentation side, but no word yet whether he's planning to don the ceremonial black sweater.

We judge this report largely credible; it correlates with the dates that have been bandied about, and ATD usually has good sources (some via the elder statesman of the tech beat, Uncle Walt Mossberg). Mark your calendars.

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