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Celebrate five years of Rappelz starting today

Eliot Lefebvre

For better or worse, free-to-play games are often seen as having a rather disposable lifespan, with the expectation that they'll be here today and gone tomorrow. And that's certainly true in some cases, but in the case of Rappelz, it's entirely wrong. Not only is the game still running strong, but it's been running for five years, quite a milestone for any game. Fans of the game are likely unsurprised that the game is celebrating in a big way, and that celebration starts today with a video contest and a 55% boost to experience.

The experience boost will last until October 5th and is just the tip of the iceberg for a series of events that lead up to the game's true anniversary of November 2nd. Players can also take part in a video contest to show off their in-game pets, with the winners receiving gaming headsets and one grand prize winner getting a free bundle of cash in the game's shop. Rappelz players are going to have a couple of months to enjoy all of the celebrations, so if you've been itching to log back in of late, now is the time.

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